Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pretty Classic Butterfly Bowl for Dinner

Rejoice! With the optimism of rebirth and metamorphosis, this bowl welcomes all things ¿ a salad, pasta, fruit of all kinds. Watch it reflect the colors and the shapes of what it holds dear, as well as the world around it.

Product Features

* Nambé classic Butterfly bowl; 11-inch length; 2-quart capacity
* Functional art made of sand-cast and hand-polished metal alloy
* Excellent heat and cold retention; will not crack, chip, or tarnish
* One of Nambe's earliest and most enduring designs; USA-made
* Available in many sizes; gift-boxed; oven-safe but wash by hand

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Product Description

One of Nambé's earliest designs, the elegant Butterfly bowl continues to be an enduring bestseller. A graceful swoop in the rim of the asymmetrical, elongated bowl brings to mind the fluid motion of a butterfly in flight. Solid and heavy, in a variety of sizes, the metal alloy bowl adorns any table, office console, or shelf as an art piece, yet may be used to serve food as well. One of the larger Butterfly sizes (a Grande version is the largest at 17 inches), this 11-inch, two-quart bowl works beautifully for serving anything from a crisp green salad to hot roasted vegetables. Excellent at retaining cold and heat, all metal Nambé bowls may safely go in the refrigerator or freezer for chilling, and in the oven for warming, but not, however, in a microwave or dishwasher. Washing by hand will preserve the gleaming finish.

Nambé was founded in 1951 in a village of the same name in scenic northern New Mexico. From the beginning, the company focused on hand-producing high-quality, functional items such as metal bowls and trays with great attention to timeless, modern design. Still made in the USA, Nambé's signature metal alloy is liquefied, poured into a hand-made sand cast, and the resulting piece repeatedly polished and smoothed by hand. Exceptional gifts for the most special of occasions, Nambé bowls and accessories are now joined by porcelain and crystal pieces, each flawlessly crafted. Nambé ware has won numerous design awards, has been shown in or recognized by nearly two dozen museums worldwide, and is part of the permanent collections of many, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. --Ann Bieri

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